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27 miles of coastline and beaches

Marbella history goes back to as far as Paleolithic and Neolithic times

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The old town called Casco Antiguo is full of renaissance, terracotta buildings, where it is incredibly nice to sit and share a drink with friends

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24 beaches spread along the 27-mile coastline, allowing you to go to a different beach every single day for a month !

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The Golden Mile, 6-km long, goes from the western side of Marbella city to Puerto Banús, where a number of incredibly luxurious properties profit from mountain and sea views : the Palace of King Fahd, the Hotel Marbella Club, the Hotel Puente Romano just to mention a few. There is also the Botanical Gardens of El Ángel dating from the 8th century.

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Marbella streets are featuring some incredible art, such as the Rhino from Salvador Dali

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