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Sainte Maxime

Ideally located, with a South orientation, facing Saint-Tropez, Sainte Maxime is only 90km away from Nice et 130km away from Marseille.
Monks from the Islands of Lérins founded that city around 1000 AD.
If fishing was the main industry for a very long time, the 19th century, changed the city in an export hub for lumber, cork, olive oil, and wine, which were shipped to Marseille and to Italy.

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Sainte-Maxime is flooded the whole daylong by some magical light.

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There is some truth about Sainte Maxime being the favored location for the upper class who does not feel the need for shining the way people do in Saint Tropez.
A cliché would tell that Saint-Tropez is for the "Nouveaux riches" whereas Sainte-Maxime is rather for some "settled bourgeoisie".
In short, Saint-Tropez is "Rock-and-Roll", when Sainte-Maxime is "jazzy".

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Fishing industry is important in Sainte Maxime, allowing you to taste amazingly fresh Mediterranean fishes.

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Sainte Maxime is quite an active city, with a number of events, of which aerial shows, but also a jet-ski competion, etc...

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