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Villepiscis, the fishermen town

Roman remains dated from the 1st century BC were found in Saint Aygulf. This small village bears the name of a monk who brought back to France Saint-Benoit's dead body back to France in the 7th century.
Saint-Aygulf became the residence of Frejus bishops, then was turned into a seaside resort by 1880.
The city slowly expanded in the early 1910's and 1920s, with the presence of famous artists such as Sarah Bernhardt, the son of Alexandre Dumas, Guy de Maupassant, and the painter Carolus Duran.
Severely bombarded by Germans during WW2, its large beaches saw also violents fights during the events of "debarquement".

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Saint-Aygulf offers a huge golden beach called "Plage des Esclamandes", with shallow and warm waters.

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Saint-Aygulf offers a botanical garden above the sea, juggling with the shades of green of the luxurious plants and the blue color of the sea.

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Saint-Aygulf is a kitesurf paradise

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There is a great market twice a week at Saint-Aygulf, with amazing local fruits and vegetables straight from the producer

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