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Forum Julii - Market of Julius (Caesar)

Place of birth of the poet Cornelus Galius, Fréjus is at the crossroads of two important roman paths : Via Julia Augusta between Roma and the Rhône river, and Via Domitiana linking Italy and Spain. It became one of the most important roman ports of the Mediterranee, and a develpped agriculture market. Much later, Napoleon Bonaparte, on his return from Egypt, used Frejus a strategic place where to land

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Fréjus is easily accessible from the highway coming from either Paris, Lyon, Nice or Marseille, and is only 1-hour away from Nice airport. His newly renovated port offers a number of splendid apartments with a sea view.

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The Base Nature used to me a military base, and was transformed into a very large and natural sport hub where many families gather and either run, skate or cycle around the track. There is a superb BMX / scooter track. Many events take place all over the year with for instance the Roc d'Azur gathering thousands of bicycle riders from all around Europe.

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Fréjus offers very large sandy beaches with many seaside activities. Small coffee shops spread all along across the coast road, and showcases a splendid night market.

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Fréjus also offers the possibility to visit a number of Roman building, such as the amphiteater, or the Arenes.

Picture from the site Ville de Fréjus

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