A coastal resort

Agay is a little seaside resort, nestled within the Rastel d'Agay bay, and surrounded by the Esterel red rocks, located between the cities of Saint-Raphael, only 10 mn away, and Cannes, 40 mn away. Agay lays all along the coast, and is sheltered by the Rastel. Absolutely charming, each one of its different areas ( Roches Rouges, Rastel, Baumette ) showing a different and specific character.

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Massilia's Greeks named this place Agathon ( meaning good in Greek ) which provided a safe harbor for their vessels. Romans created in 57 BC a port called Portus Agathonis, linked to « via aurélia » (from Roma to Narbonne). Agay was offered to Frejus' bishop Riculphe by Guillaume le Libérateur, compte of Provence, then to Raymond Beranger IV in 1235. Richelieu gave its present name (Agay) and built 2 towers, in the Baumette and the Dramont districts, along with a fortified castle for the local lordship. The castel was plundered during the French Revolution, and Agay was then attached to Saint-Raphael. The railways came in the 19th century, to carry the porphyre rocks extracted from a local quarry. Part of Admiral Nelson's fleet attacked in the "Calanque des Anglais" two French vessels, of which the crew remained prisoners of Nelson until 1814. More recently in the 20th century, the famous "Corniche d'Or" appeared, along with the building of sumptuous villas and hotels, thanks to its amazing climate and seaside geography. Famous tourists such as Gaston Doumergue, Guy de Maupassant, Antoine de St Exupery ( the author of the Little Prince ) who was living at his sister's place and married in Agay, the Brothers Lumiere... Even Woody Allen filmed some incredible sceneries for his "Magic in the moonlight" movie. The castle was bombed by Germans, the Esterel forest was burnt down, and most of the properties around the Viaduc d'Antheor were destroyed. Then came the Second World War, when Agay served as strategic place for troops reinforcement.

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There are plenty of activities in Agay related to the sea. Sailing, kayaks and paddle for all !

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Sunday early morning is an amazing time for relaxing paddle yoga in an amazingly beautiful area close to the beach

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1st of January is greatly honored every year, with hundreds of people flocking into the sea, dressed with swimming clothe, some of them also with a Christmas hat.

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OFFER ACCEPTED - Facing the sea, with golden beaches from a walking distance

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Exceptional 50sqm terrace, full sea-view, 107-sqm brand new apartment for sale in Saint-Raphael

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1 090 000 €


Huge 100-acre sea view plot for sale

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995 000 €

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