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"It is an interesting biological fact that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, we are going back from whence we came."

JF Kennedy

Our mission

Quality over quantity

Sea View or Nothing is not about selling houses. It is about helping sellers to move on, and helping buyers to realise their dream.
Basically, we take our customer's time seriously, we listen, and we act.

We take care of the lengthy pre-screening process, to only propose to you what is really worth seeing :
  • Location, location, location : ideal sea view location and value for money ;
  • We want to see a solid logic behind the placement of rooms, bedrooms, garden,pool, sun orientation ;
  • We filter out for you the properties where we identified potential legal issues ;
  • Obviously, all the properties we sell offer a - real - sea view.

    Bottom line : it is time to treat yourself, and we here to help.

  • Sea View property hunting

    Yes, we can also go hunting for you

    Since you are a busy person and you do not have much time to waste locally visiting properties you may not like, we could of course go house-hunting for you and find a sea view property which matches most of your criteria.

    So we would better start right now spending a few minutes of your time exchanging about your living style, your architecture taste, the needed space, the distance to shops and noise, the quietness or dynamism of your favorite area, all the way to what sort of walk you would enjoy to make around your property with your favorite dog.

    We are looking forward to receive your call : Contact

    A local expert
    between Cannes and Saint Tropez


    Your local expert
    in Estepona and Malaga


    Click here to find 8 solid reasons why you should invest in Spain

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    Search results

    Estepona - SPAIN

    Stunning sea view apartment for sale in Ikkil bay

    Ref: svon_h_015

    4 290 000 €

    Estepona - SPAIN

    Huge 701-sqm, 5-bedroom ultra-modern villa facing the sea in Marbella

    Ref: svon_1_018

    3 995 000 €

    Málaga - SPAIN

    Superb penthouse with sea view for sale in Estepona

    Ref: svon_h_016

    3 960 000 €

    Estepona - SPAIN

    Incredible penthouse facing the sea in Estepona

    Ref: svon_h_014

    3 600 000 €

    Marbella - SPAIN

    Large penthouse with sea view for sale in Marbella

    Ref: svon_h_019

    3 000 000 €

    Saint-Aygulf - FRANCE

    Fantastic sea view, for that villa built literally on the beach. Nothing but shades of infinite blue

    Ref: svon_h_005

    2 180 000 €

    Estepona - SPAIN

    Superb 4-bedroom villa facing the sea

    Ref: svon_h_006

    1 950 000 €

    Marbella - SPAIN

    Apartment for sale between Marbella mountains and beaches

    Ref: svon_h_020

    1 720 000 €

    Saint-Raphael - FRANCE

    Facing the sea, with golden beaches from a walking distance

    Ref: swon_h_002

    1 560 000 €

    Estepona - SPAIN

    Large villa with sea view and modern amenities

    Ref: svon_h_008

    1 500 000 €

    Les Issambres - FRANCE

    Amazing rooftop facing the sea close to Sainte-Maxime

    Ref: svon_1_021

    1 252 000 €

    Marbella - SPAIN

    Cabopino, golf and beach

    Ref: svon_h_017

    1 200 000 €

    Les Issambres - FRANCE

    Large penthouse with sea view facing St Tropez

    Ref: svon_1_023

    1 125 000 €

    Agay - FRANCE

    Huge 100-acre sea view plot for sale

    Ref: swon_h_001

    995 000 €

    Málaga - SPAIN

    Incredible location and elevation for this ultra-modern apartment

    Ref: svon_h_012

    953 000 €

    Málaga - SPAIN

    104-sqm sea view apartment with an 80-sqm terrace oriented South West

    Ref: svon_h_011

    595 000 €

    Estepona - SPAIN

    Gorgeous sea views from this apartment close to the beach

    Ref: svon_h_013

    466 000 €

    Agay - FRANCE

    55-sqm sea view apartment with a large terrace, right across a golden beach

    Ref: svon_h_009

    395 000 €

    Saint-Raphael - FRANCE

    Like-new sea view apartment for sale

    Ref: svon_h_003

    380 000 €

    Málaga - SPAIN

    Large 3-story sea view townhouse

    Ref: svon_h_010

    340 000 €

    Our customers are actively looking

    Hot buyers

    25/10/2020 - URGENT ! Our client (buyers) are actively looking for a new home and are ready to draw !

    Sea View Or Nothing customers looking for a farm

    Budget : 2 000 000 €

    1h00 maximum from Nice airport, farm with a minimum plot of 20 acres, with open views

    Sea View Or Nothing customers looking for a house

    Budget : 2 000 000 €

    Agay, Modern architecture, 250 sqm minimum, plot 1500 sqm min, huge South sea view

    Sea View Or Nothing customers looking for a penthouse

    Budget : 1 250 000 €

    Sainte-Maxime, 100 m2 minimum with large terrace, sea view South and South West

    Budget : 1 100 000 €

    Saint-Raphael, last floor, 120 m2, sea view, possibly with a view on the port as owner has his own boat

    Budget : 750 000 €

    75 sqm minimum, 800m maximum from Ste Maxime, 20 sqm terrace with sea view, preferably top floor

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    Sea View Or Nothing

    Our customers are global

    Coming soon : PORTUGUESE RIVIERA

    Sea View Or Nothing customers are people who love the ocean. Wherever they go. They love it so much they want to own a property in every single sea view place they love.
    That is where we can help : Sea View Or Nothing is building an extensive international network, carefully selecting realtors with a proven history of acting fast, efficiently and with ethics.


    Reason #1 : the Covid-19 is an opportunity

    Because of the Covid-19, buyers have stopped travelling abroad. For a touristic country like Spain with a huge proportion of foreign byyer, that means that prices are low.
    But we all know that when a new vaccines will be found and propagated, European customers will rush to sunny destinations,
    which they have been missing so much.

    You may have noticed that Warren Buffet has been apparently investing very recently in Spain real estate.
    The Covid-19 must be seen as an investment opportunity.

    Reason #2 : a variety of investment programs, from sea to ski

    Spain offers such a variety of climate and landscapes, that whatever your investment vision is, touristic beaches or quiet mountains, you are guaranteed to find the ideal investment type you are looking for

    Reason #3 : an inexpensive quality food

    Not only the cost of Spanish food is very low, but its quality is incredible, with much variety and passion. From the worldwide famous tapas, all different depending on the season and the region, to the local markets with abundant fruits and vegetables. And did we mention its world-class wine ?

    Reason #4 : art and culture

    Which country can offer more in terms of art and culture than Spain ? A the cross of a number of civilisations, Spain is still today at the top of world art, offering sublime architectures, as for instance the Maures palaces, or incredible museums like Dali museum, Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim, or the Fundación Joan Miro

    Reason #5 : an easy access from the whole Europe

    One of the important advantages of Spain is the incredibly easy access by plane, from anywhere in Europe, as any medium-size hub proposes frequent flights to Spain.

    Reason #6 : Excellent healthcare

    Spain has massively invested in healthcare. If you move to Spain before December 31st, 2020, you are entitled to prodit from healthcare services as long as you reside in the country.

    Reason #7 : 315 days of sun in Marbella !

    That's right, 315 days of sun per year ! That means you will even welcome the rain when you see it. How many countries in Europe may brag as much for that sun omni-presence ?

    Reason #8 : a very low cost of living

    Beside the very low cost of education and healthcare, most of price tags in Spain are very reasonable, and often only half of the average costs in Europe. That said, rents are quite high in large cities, making your real estate investments even a better deal in termes of ROI.

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